Screen Printing

How does the magic work?


Screen printing is a printing technique that uses mesh screens to transfer ink to a substrate (that's a fancy work for "your apparel). 

A screen is made by using LED light to remove the emolsion covering the screen, only in the areas needed for your design.

Each color of the design needs it's own screen. That means if you have a four color design, we'll use four different screens to create your design. In between each color, we flash dry the ink under a large rectangular heat lamp so it doesn't stick between applications. When all the colors have been applied, the apparel goes through a large dryer typically set at 710 degrees. 

Each screen printed piece of apparel is made with a significant amount of thought and care. Roughly 4-5 members of our team are included in each order. We take pride in producing high quality products. 

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